This blog got boring, I don't see any point in continuing it. Cheerio!

A Proper Sorta Farewell - please, please read

Okay, I feel kinda bad for what I posted earlier, and I feel as if a lot of you really haven’t been given the farewell of the explanation you deserve for exactly why I’m canning killer-facts.

When I started this page about a year ago now, it was my first time on tumblr. I didn’t really see the point in joining tumblr if I wasn’t really there with something to provide, and out of all the things I had to provide at the time, the most prominent of them was my knowledge of criminals that I’ve accumulated from books and documentaries.

When I started, I was pretty enthusiastic. I felt that I was helping to inform the people of tumblr with tidbits of trivia about society’s darkest individuals, to help them know more and maybe help people be a little safer, because where does safety come from if you aren’t aware of the risks?

Anyway, this was fine for a while, and for some inexplicable reason, the blog kinda blew up. I never really figured that serial killers would be this popular, I thought it would just be some strange little niche pocket in one of tumblr’s darker corners, but I was wrong. There were new followers every day, and I still had more and more interesting facts to post, so it was all going just fine.

On this website I’ve met some truly amazing people. Fantastic friends and bizarre encounters with some fascinating people, but sadly, it wasn’t all good. A sizeable portion of my fan base were people who, to some, could be defined as morally reprehensible. People who I didn’t agree with and outright didn’t like, and when I found out that a lot of these sort of people were interested in the things that I post, it made me feel a little sick inside, but I ignored this, because the majority of my followers are pretty great people who I love talking to.

I put my moral sensibilities aside for a little while, knowing you can’t really run a serial killer page without incurring the interest of one or two fruitcakes, and just sort of carried on. The blog got more and more popular, thousands of anonymous faces who never really interacted with me and just lingered in the sidelines. Other blogs who did the same thing as me got in contact, but I really didn’t want to be associated with them for one reason or another, which is a little hypocritical to say the least. I had to fight against my frustration when people seemed to show unconditional support for the really terrible people I post about, and worst of all, there were people who emerged who really relished the violence committed by serial killers: they were the worst of all.

I’ve made one or two minor mistakes, a date or two, maybe a name, and at one point not knowing that a guy had been dead for five years. The tumblr community was not forgiving for these mistakes, and I learnt from then on to stop making them in case everyone got angry at me again.

Since running the blog, more pressure has been forced onto me in real life. Exams, revision, work, social life. All things that were becoming increasingly hard to juggle, and that’s without the blog being involved. I’ve had multiple stress-related breakdowns due to events tied to this blog, and it was becoming one hell of a hassle on my increasingly fragile mind.

Most of all, I guess I could say this blog got a little dull. There are only so many facts to post that haven’t been posted a million times over by others, and I feel bad for deviating into non-serial killer topics because it defies the theme of the blog and upsets the followers. People sort of stopped interacting with me, and despite having such a long and growing list of followers, I never felt so alone.

There you go, that’s why I’m putting killer-facts to rest for a little while. I’m not going to delete the blog, and if my interest returns I might blow the dust off of it one day and start again. I want to stress that this departure is nobody’s fault, and the people I’ve met through this blog are so great, I’d never take it back in a million years. I guess you could say I’m going on hiatus, but if you’re interested in me without the serial killer facts, you can find me at my personal blog “whoever-writes-monsters" where I’d love to chat with you all.

I’m sorry that it’s come to an end, but for the record, you’ve all been fantastic.


tea-and-skeletons is deleting your URL to make it look like they wrote your posts

So? Let him do what he likes, live and let live, I’m tired of crime blogging anyways to be perfectly honest

(This is going to sound a little bit like "Deathnote" but) Zeus

I’d do a few things, for a start:

1. I’d make it so that hate speech does not fall under the umbrella of free speech, and is considered an outright crime.

2. I’d legalise all drugs and just make sure that people are aware of the consequences so they can make their own choice. That way we’d take a sizeable jab at organised crime.

3. I’d put certain restrictions on the weapons that civilians are able to own.

4. I’d put more money into education, and make sure that teachers are paid a lot more.

5. I’d reduce tuition fees so that college and university students don’t have such a large amount of debt, so that they could then use their qualifications to seek employment and put more money into economic circulation.

6. I’d make taxes directly proportional to the amount the individual possesses. The rich would be taxed more and the poor would be taxed less.

7. I’d heavily regulate banking to prevent any unlawful actions being committed by bankers.

8. I’d put more money into healthcare and reduce the defence budget.

9. I’d make investments into small businesses in impoverished areas to boost employment, as well as make investments into low-price housing developments and programs to help the homeless get back on their feet.

10. Enforce global marriage equality and reduce wage gaps where present.

11. Increase the minimum wage.

That’s all I can think of right now.