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Hybristophilia is normally characterised as the sexual paraphilia of being attracted to one who has committed crimes, typically gruesome in nature. These people are often colloquially known as “serial killer groupies” because of the large number of Hybristophiliacs who send serial killers fanmail after their capture. Whilst Hybristophilia may be a sexual paraphilia, which by nature is impossible to control, it can present serious risk to those affected. Take for example the lady in the article above, aside from the fact that Dahmer is openly gay and would have no interest in her advances, this attraction can lead to over-optimism regarding the moral standards of the object of their affection. In other words, whilst they would be interested in love from (for example) a serial killer, the serial killer will typically not return these emotions on anything other than a superficial level, and would instead possibly murder the unfortunate hybristophiliac who, like the lady above, believed their love could exorcise the personal demons of a killer like Dahmer (when in reality medical therapy combined with medication would do the job far more efficiently with less risk to everyone involved). A famous example of a hybristophiliac would be Bonnie Elizabeth Parker (of Bonnie and Clyde fame).

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